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Count-Down To Thanksgiving #1 – Family

Janeen and I at Morgan's Quinceañera

The final post in my 7 day count-down to Thanksgiving:  My family.

I am so thankful for my wife, children, and new this year,  our grandchild.

A few months ago I had the privilege to rock Vivvien, to sleep for the first time. As we settled into the rocker, bottle in hand,  I began to sing.

Soon emotions welled into tears; the songs I  was singing were the same ones that  had put this baby-girl’s-daddy, her uncle and aunt to sleep.  I wasn’t crying because I felt old,HECK NO!  I was emotional as I realized how blessed I was.  Sure the time seems to have flown by, but I was overwhelmed to have been able to watch my sons grow into responsible young men, and my daughter has grow to become a  self-confident and talented young woman.

This year we celebrated Morgan’s Minnesotan-Quinceañera, a rite-of-passage marking her transition from childhood to becoming a Godly young woman.  Morgan runs, cross-county ski’s and loves Minneapolis Washburn High School.  She keep us young, and busy (like why I ran a 5k this am).


We welcomed Megan Ellis into our family, and with the birth of her and Jared’s daughter, Vivvien, we entered the phase of grandparent-hood. Megan is studying at Normandale College, Jared is at Micro-Center and preparing to start his own IT business.  Janeen and I love getting to watch Vivvi a couple of days each week and having Jared and Megan drop by.



Tyler is a Junior at Augsburg college, preparing to be a High School English teacher (I was surprised too!) and coach.  He has two more years of football eligibility, and so you know what we did every Saturday in September and October.

YES! – I am, WE ARE, so THANKFUL for our family, and I’m sure each one reading this has plenty of things to be thankful for as well.

So this is my 7 day count-down of thanks.

Some may ask, “why did you NOT put God on the list?” Simple, God and Jesus are not things in my life, they are the source of my life.  I can’t list them as an item on a list, they are the reason for the list and the One to whom the list is addressed.  Thanks God!

May we all live our lives giving thanks. It is the parent of all virtues, and as we realize all we have to give thanks for, may we be inspired and empowered to “not receive God’s gift in vain” (2 Cor. 6) and pass on the life and resources we have received as “ambassadors of God’s reconciliation” ( 2 Cor 5)