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Voting Biblical Values? It’s not what some might say…

There are few current political issues which the bible directly addresses.  But, are there political policies that God cares about? Many Christians believe invoking God’s name gives rationale for their vote.  However I’m not convinced, I think that as some try to invoke the jesus-gunname of God behind their candidate or policy, they really end up taking the Lord’s name in vain.

I mean, you expect me to believe that God cares about your right to have weapons at your disposal? Seems to me the book has something to say about trusting God to protect us, get revenge for us, and even tells us to love our enemies. Arming the church did not seem to be one of Jesus’ priorities.

Do you really believe Jesus thought that tax policies should allow the producers of goods to be able to keep all their profits? Seem that when his Dad ran a nation he had some gleaningpretty strict laws with progressive tax policies.  Like making those who raised crops leave enough of their profit in the fields so that the poor always had enough to eat. He also had some pretty heavy death taxes; every 50 years people reclaimed what had been lost, and the “winners” of the last 50 years had to give it back.

mcb-christmas-card-11But definitely you say, God cares about protecting Christians and allowing them religious freedom.  Try telling that to the apostle Paul as he sat in prison.  Being able to say “Merry Christmas” was the least of his worries.

Ok, you say, abortion is THE issue God is concerned about.  His book IS full of mandates to value life, oppose murder, and love all.  Abortion is a very serious issue, yet there are remarkably few bible verses about it. In fact none that are explicit in addressing this act, even though abortion has been common and dangerous since the beginning of human history. In addition, one must focus their vote where they can make some change, I’ve seen lots of talk about making abortion illegal, but truth is there is not the political will, on either side of the isle to make it happen.  If you care about unborn children, help their mothers and fathers, and help them have the resources to grow up into responsible adults.

HOWEVER… There is ONE political issue that God has said a TON about. Loving the gerStranger. The Hebrew word GERIM is found over 90 times in the Old Testament. It could also be translated the alien, foreigner, or migrant.  You see:

  • God gave US all a place to live in creation,
  • God restored Israel to a place to live through the Exodus
  • The Creator also expects us, as his Children, to have compassion and provide shelter for those wondering without a place to call home.

Jesus talked about it as a basis for how he would judge us, “I was a stranger (refugee, syrian-refugeemigrant) and you invited me in.”

God is creator of the whole world, I really don’t think he believes greed or fear is a good enough reason to close your door to those in need. God doesn’t make illegal people, but our selfish laws do.

SO… I’m not sure why I hear very little from conservatives in political conversation about this very biblical issue.  Talking to some, on the right, you would think God cares more about guns, taxes, national security and the unborn than he does about those with NO PLACE to call home.

I’m not trying to start something,  I just read the book. It seems to me anyone calling themselves pro-life, who does not care for the migrant is biblically illiterate. I know we need security and borders, but we also need compassion, and conservative hypocrisy on immigration is a direct cause of suffering around the world.

So if you want to vote your biblical values, vote for candidates that support compassionate immigration reform.