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To Mothers Everywhere!

I’m feeling sentimental today.  Not just cause its Mother’s Day, but it is a unique Mother’s day.  I came down stairs this morning to relieve Grandma Jensen in feeding and care for her grandchild.  No, not my mom, “Grandma Jensen” is now also my wife!  Today is my wife’s first mothers day in the the GRAND role.

Jared, Janeen, Tyler and Vivvian

We wait now for the rest of the family to join us for lunch and I can’t express how much I love her!  How thankful I am for our children, and how grateful I am for the  mothers and grandmothers who have poured into our lives.

I saw a peony about to blossom and I though about my grandmother,  I am thankful this morning I was able to pick up the phone to talk with my mother.  As Morgan and I prepared lunch, Janeen and Vivvian napped, I thought of how my mother, mother-in-law, and grandmothers have faithfully prepared so many meals for me and my family.  I am truly blessed.

Thanks to all the mothers!

Yet I know not to take my blessing for granted.  For so many Mother’s Day is a day of grief and sometimes remorse.  Grieving are mothers and children separated; some by miles others by death, and some by careless words.  There are those who grieve for a motherhood desired, but never achieved; infertility, abortion, or never finding the right man.  For many, today is a day of sorrow.

Janeen and Morgan on her Quincenera

Mother’s Day is a time for reflective appreciation for what we have.   Perhaps, it also can be a time for considering how we can make the best of what we may have lost so that we can move together into something even better.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!