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Holding Irresponsible Journalists Responsible

Over the past few years we learned that the makers of life threatening items can be held responsible for the results of their products. If their goods are purchased and consumed, and the sellers intentionally misled people in the process, the courts have found they can be sued for damages. Is their any correlation between cigarette manufacturers those who manufacture and sell fear and anger in the name of free political speech?

Last week we watched good Americans react with irrational fear to a political candidate. I’ve known people dear to me who have been stressed out and even hospitalized, largely because of FEAR. Here is an example of fear mongering by a “mainstream” media outlet. http://www.foxnews.com/hannitysamerica/index.html

Note how there is little “information” given but tons of “accusations” …

Can we sue unscrupulous news companies for manufacturing fear, using half-truths and clear deceptions – especially when innocent people consume it and are injured by the results?