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Are You Listening?

My anxiety is at an all-time high. The current events including NFL and Russia in the US have me frustrated. As I was cooking tonight I felt like I was hearing verses to a freestyle so I sat down to write it after I got the kids to bed. It probably needs to be edited and adjusted and I am not feeling brave enough to post it today, but maybe you can read it and see how much of a storm you think it will start if I did post it


This is to my white Christian brothers and sisters
Are you Listening? Do you hear it?
Why do you find it so hard to see the hurt they are feeling?
In this community, the fathers are disappearing
To a place we don’t think much about called a prison.
This community isn’t made up of people who are bad
They don’t need to be locked up so that we never have to see them
They are smart, funny, warm and loving people

But you wouldn’t know because you don’t take the time to really even notice.
You could be a friend, an ally to really love them
But your too busy looking the other way or even judging
America was never meant to be for them
We stole from the native people but we “paid” them???
We enslaved a plethora of Africans
Then we let them go but never really freed them
The groups stayed divided, people discriminated
Against a people who had just been enslaved to the white man
We used the Bible to justify the actions
But in the end, even the world could see the problem
That these people were supposed to be treated equal
And be given the label of actually being human

When you talk about our brothers and sisters of color
Have you checked to see what you actually believe in?
Do you realize even what you are saying?
“Move on, get over it, why are you complaining?”
But they stand and watch their brother getting murdered
By the ones who say they are here protecting
But who really are they here protecting.

 Not Freddie, Frank, Philip, Gregory or Philandro
Not Deontre, Jamar, Tommy, or the young Tamir
Or even Natasha, Yvette, Charles or Jarame
Consider Howard, Kaldrick, David, Michael, Eric and Emanuel

Should I keep the list going or is it enough?
Will the their names be remembered or just disappear?

Now our leader says to fire them for kneeling down
The voices that echo his are all around , “Why are you disrespecting our country and our men who fought?”
But just remember, justice for all it really hasn’t come

Because of those names listed no one has been convicted, not even one
For the deaths of women and of these men
Swept under a rug, some tried and the jury hung

You see white, Christian brothers and sisters when will your voice be heard?
To stand up for the ones who are beaten down
For the community whose fathers are not around.
Care for the fatherless, abandoned and the widows Jesus said
But your too busy looking the other way or turning your head
I know it makes you uncomfortable to think about it
And that is ok because comfort isn’t why Jesus died for me and you
Dying to self, forgiveness and then reconciling
The dying to self is where I think we are really failing
When we silence those around us when we have a voice

I know what you may be thinking
But he —– just fill in the blank
deserved it, should have, could have, would still be here if he didn’t —fill in the blank
That isn’t good enough for people in authority.
Hands are up, don’t shoot, please help me, I cannot breath

Dear Christian Right when will you choose to stand and fight?
Instead of choosing silence when you could do more
Now I leave you with the words of a once wise man
Who peacefully promoted his people’s cause all around

“History will have to recordmlk_mugshot_birmingham
that the greatest tragedy
Of this period of social transition
Was not the strident clamor of the bad people
But the appalling silence of the good” MLK Jr