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Year End Awards!

As 2008 comes to a close, ’tis a good time to reminisce….

I’ve enjoyed blogging. This past year has been the first for “marQue del MPLS” and “Until Justice Rolls Down….”

Why do I ? I blog because it allows me a space to vent, and voice my thoughts. I blog ’cause I hope to encourage others to think in “new” ways about basic “old” things. I blog ’cause I love discussion and dialog about significant issues. I blog as a way to share about my family and my community!

At times I have nothing but air to blow… at other times I hope to be able to do as my mentor, leader, and Lord- always did: “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” – I do not ever want to accuse, attack. or operate out of pride or self-gratification – but I do feel the need to speak truthfully and at times forcefully because to say nothing about injustice – is to allow injustice to flourish.

At times I want to just have fun – but I always want to point to the SON. At times the topics are simple and small – and then others are profound and sublime.

I want to just thank other bloggers who frequently visit and refer others to my site –

over the last 6 months the following bloggers are my top referrers:

  1. with over 60 referals – Ardel C. @ woodchipsandmusings.blogspot.com
  2. over 50 – N. Mehta @ themehtafamily.wordpress.com
  3. over 30 – Christopher B. @ christopherbennett.blogspot.com
  4. over 25 – Joel and Lori C. lorieandjoel.blogspot.com
  5. and hundreds of others via facebook and other linked blogs

Please visit the above sites and see what they have to say!

Thanks also to faithful readers and contributors like Jesse, Traveler, Ashley, Mrs. P, and Ariah!

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!

  • Suggestions on how to make this a better blog……? Let me know.