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Becoming Beloved Community via Active Neighboring

I am humbled, and truly appreciate the opportunities I’m given at Sanctuary to preach.  The preaching experience is a sacred trust I never want to take lightly; to communicate the word of God in a way that connects His timeless truth with our present experience is a blessing and a challenge.   I want to be faithful to the task God has given me.

Usually by the time I preach, I have so many thoughts and ideas that God is stirring in me that I have a difficult time.  How do I take this big idea and swirling ball of thoughts and fit it into the reasonable time limit I have to preach?  What are the key points I must make?  What are the key illustrations I should tell in the time we have?

My hope is that in this blog we can have a forum where we can discuss deeper issues raised in this sermon. (11/29/09)  I want to sort through questions, be challenged by any objections or concerns, so that we can all grow closer to  being the Beloved Community Christ calls us to be.