Street WiZe EyeZ….

Street-wize eyes see the street
From their space on the street
Where concrete and blood often meet
And life – death ; joy and pain
In the hustle compete.

These eyes seldom meet
Those in the drivers seat
Driver’s-seat-eyez roll by with comforts complete
And fear to look into the street-wize eyes

Windows – up, AC on, radio to fill the silent space
Drivers – side – eyes flick the lock and dare not see the face from that other space

To connect with street-wize eyes – risks an un-welcomed embrace

You KNOW –
The homeless vet –
wants yo dolla –
that hooka — wants to holla
And the dude @ the corner – where no bus stops – He’s just runnin shop
With a dime bag or a hunk of dat rock

Cuz….. – you watch the news?
Cuz – they once sang you the blues?
Or – cuz you got a short racist fuse?
– maybe?? Or jus maybe….

— cuz you don’t wanna remember
U was once in dem shoes –
Or perhaps you jus’ believe –
they choose to loose!

Now don’t get me twisted it’s not jus a
black and white game
Black – white or brown – they’ll roll by –
jus the same…
Unwilling to look U in the eyes
out of fear or shame

The steet-wize eyes also – come in all colors
and out here they all brothers
Back to the wall – tryin’ to stay tall
United in the hustle – yet fighin’ not to fall

So street-wize eyes seek to survive
And drivers side eyes jus wanna get by
Protected – unaffected –
never mindin’ if those on the curb are rejected

we in Separate worlds
our eyez don’t meet when our paths do cross
what is the cost of the cross?

And IF….

If eyes should lock – by chance or by destiny
I wonder would we see humanity?
or —- – even —– divinity?

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