Pray with the Immigrants

I prayed this morning as I drove to work-

For Miguel, Andres, Arturo, and Jake

They are my brothers – different mothers

But from the one father above

In birth we were far – far apart

Immigrants on the Journey
Immigrants on the Journey

They, from the South across the Rio Grande

But – alike, we learned a love for family

Respect for God – appreciation for hard work

They made the hard decision to leave family

Not for greed – but for love

Now with every check –

Food and medical care, education and clothing

Are made available to those on the other side

Honduran Family
Honduran Family

These men, women, and their children here

Want to learn English – they too pay taxes

They do not come to destroy

But participate in the land we Love

Do not, Politicians, use their plight

To polarize our country

So you can get votes

I too, think free trade is good

But then why is free trade of Labor bad?NAFTAlogo

Especially when our policies

Contribute to their National poverty

We all want security –

We know terroristic threats are real

But to punish those who have been here…

Helping – not hurting

Working and contributing

Will not stop terrorism

Recall the words of the Lord –

“Remember the alien

Do not mistreat him”

“When one part of the body suffers,

All parts suffer”

They are not criminal

They are not terrorists

They are my brothers

Pray for the immigrants, fearful and exposed

Pray God’s Love, grace, and Justice….

Are not Denied – but Demonstrated

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