Confession and Testimony….

This is a reflection of my interactions with institutional “christianity” (deserving no capital letter) over the past 5 years…..

I shudder to think, how closely you came
Of turning me into them-
“The apostate” who ceased to believe in the light
For your reflection – distorted and dim

You despised my friends, shamed my brothers;
Degraded the place we called home
And then you demand we believe in a god
That only to you is known

The force you call divinity
Seems strangely like, to me
Ethno-centric pride and greed
Garbed in a cloak of theology.

You claim ancient texts alone
Define and guide your path,
But your right-winged politics often lie down,
With things that invoke God’s wrath.

The noise of religious feasts
Mix with the cries of the oppressed –
Laborers, widows, orphans, and aliens
Testify! – sins un-confessed

You vacate souls – to decorate alters
Find rest in wealth and indulgence –
(Theologically defined as blessings divine)
Yet you fail to concede – the cornerstone of your wealth
Was laid on the blood of the oppressed

You claim “God’s Will” for all you do,
Hence, you bear no blame, accept no shame,
blindly continue your hedonistic game
Cursing us who may ask,
“If we are siblings? could you at least try to see & hear our pain…?”

No wonder so many reject – a risen, living, loving, Lord
They think they see him –indecent
An angry, judgmental, man of European-decent

But no! This is NOT the Lord.
It is only a blasphemous reflection
An arrogant rejection, a lack of introspection
From a Theology of Segregation and Isolation

I shudder to think how closely I came –
of turning away, because of your shame
But thank God – for reflections of the divine
From cultures and hues, different from mine.

The ancient cries of spirituals – the souls who knew real grief
Showed me hope from despair and faith – in place of disbelief

One night I heard the King pronounce a whisper into the dark,
Cold and dank, that had crowded into my heart –
“cling to what you know is real –
do not let all you see and feel
drag you in the abyss of christians-run-amiss

Know Me
walk humbly-
do justice


As a result of this journey –

today my faith is smaller – but it also deeper than ever before!

3 thoughts on “Confession and Testimony….”

  1. Marque, I’m sorry your interactions with others have left you sad, angry, and with a small faith. I battle those things by doing my best to role model “pure religion” (James 1:27) and staying on my knees. As a result, my faith is deep and growing!

  2. Thanks for your concern, I wouldn’t say I’m sad or angry – just more aware of how much of the church operates – this is why I say my faith is “smaller” – things I used to accept I no longer assume – but my “faith” is so much deeper – what I know as the core of Jesus’ truth and God’s love is more profound than ever…

  3. Powerful. Beautiful. Even as it is tragic in its indictment of the church (no capital ‘c’). I too was ‘this close’ to walking away, running away and was saved by a man and his wife and their children . . . and I don’t just mean biological . . . of different culture and hue, who truly relfected to me the heart of God. I too have small faith, and I hold onto that faith with all the strength that I have, trying, hoping, begging God to help me believe that with faith even as small as a mustard seed I can say to this mountain, “Get up, and throw yourself into the sea,” and it will be done.

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