A student cry…

This is something I wrote a few years back, I was working at “Christian Institutions” and walking with students of color who, for many found themselves struggling harder than ever to hold on to their identity and preserve their dignity.

It is interesting to me that higher education is initially about teaching people the “labels” and “categories” intellectuals have created to define the world – evangelicals, by definition, take labels one step further – we use them to define what is “in” and what is “out” – this becomes especially damning when the extrapolations of doctrine exceed the interpretations of scripture to create prejudice and barriers.


Like a tree – alone on a prairie
Like a fish – alone in a pond
Like a mother – with no baby to carry
I could disappear without a sound

The rythmatic longings of my heart
Cry out in me
No one hears or observes
I ache for identity –

Can I fake it?
Break it?
Fit the roles and Make it?

Am I no more than the labels
Others slap on me…
White – brown
Black – yellow
Happy – angry
Sad – or mellow

A student – a thug
A nerd – a musician
If you call me a name –
You won’t have to listen

To know explore
And develop so much more
Than a label to dismiss …
And move me on down the list.

But I know I am
Fear-ful-ly and
Wonder-ful-ly made
The image reflected is
Really God’s shade

So… can we be on one accord
If you dismiss my image
You also dismiss the LORD

Together – his fullness IS more complete
So – alone – into labels –we cannot retreat…..

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