Build the Beloved Community in your Context

If your group is seeking to expand its capacity on this “Journey to Beloved Community”, please contact me.  Together we can plan how to create an event that will fit your needs and address your concerns.

There are several “experiential learning” activities I Marque Jensen, Teacher, Preacher, Presentercan tailor for your specific group and needs.  I work closely with my colleagues of various cultures to critic these presentations, and often bring a co-presenter to assist in presenting this complex material from diverse perspectives.

The following are themes I frequently work with:

  • Developing Cultural Competencies
  • Why Care About Black History? (Especially if you are NOT Black)
  • Maneuvering Cultural Conflict
  • What does Past Injustice have to do with Present Disparities?
  • Expaning our understanding of Justice, Race, and Reconciliation
  • Immigration Issues
  • Building Communication and Respect within your Team
  • Understanding and dismanteling the sting of White Privilege
  • Understanding Historical and Institutional Racism
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thanks for your interest!

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