Marque: More #2

I like what I do, yet I my life has gone in directions I never would have imagined.  So, when I get asked that question, “what do you do?”  I answer with pride.  However I am sometime cautious because I know some folks ask that question not to better know you, but to find a reason to dismiss you.  (See Blue-Color Sabbatical)

#1.  I am a residential contractor; the minority partner in a minority owned company.  We do painting, drywall, carpentry, fences, roofing, and more; as well as all the physical and administrative work that goes with it.

#2 I am a teacher, blogger, consultant/presenter.  I focus on Marque Jensen, Teacher, Preacher, Presenterreconciliation, or perhaps a better way to say it is “Journey to Beloved Community”   I want to push the questions and conversation: How can we better live and work together without some being pushed aside while others push forward to grab more?  How do we overcome the legacy of racism we have inherited and create communities of equity and mutual concern?

This can be confusing to people: Construction and Consulting.  They seem so disparate.  But in my Journey to Beloved community they fit together quite well.  How?

  • #1 pays my bills and allows me to have the freedom to do #2.
  • #1 gives me real-life instruction about #2
  • #2 is inline with my passions and skills
  • #1 has grown from my relationships and experiences

There is much work done on reconciliation, racism, privilege and the like from a purely academic perspective.  Yet to learn something is not always the same as to live it.   Every time I question the journey I am on, I remind my self; the lessons I am learning through living are worth them all.

Today on my 53rd birthday I am thankful for the life I have.  I am able to call attention to injustice and disparities while also see what they look and feel like.  If I write or speak about issues of power and social privileges that undermine community, know that I maneuver those very issues on job sites and in the human relations of our small company.    I am able to work with my hands AND heart with people I love and that is essential in finding my way along the Journey to Beloved Community.


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