Marque’s Book – for groups and individuals on the journey.


This book is a unique work for people more interested in seeking compass settings for their own journey rather than a  road map of “steps” or an academic expose on multi-culturalism. 

Touching Stones…  is a thematic collection of true stories from a multi-cultural community in urban America.  These poignant, yet messy, examples of life in “Beloved Community” are punctuated by hip-hop poetry, many of which the author has also performed as spoken word.  It is not intended as memoir or biography, but as companion for others on the journey.

 The purpose of this book is two-fold: first, to share the lessons and experiences in this multi-cultural community, secondly, to create conversation starters for persons of all races who are on the journey to building “Beloved Community.”  There are discussion questions at the end of each section to facilitate group or individual reflection.   The poetry sections do not have questions as the author hopes the readers own imagination and inquisitiveness will spark conversation and thought.

The following video gives you an overview:Marque and Janeen

Journey to Beloved Community Book / Discussion Guide

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