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How you can Help I.S. and other Terrorist Groups

  1. Support the belief that terrorists are a geo-political religious force “out there” and la-ol-donald-trump-rhetoric-helping-isis-20151-001that any and all attacks can be prevented by getting tough on “those” governments, religions, and places. Also, teach that terrorism can be stopped by denying refugees to flee those same places.
    • We Terrorist love it when you promote this flawed thinking because we know terrorism flows from an ideology not a place or religion and so as they focus on places we can score big in propaganda.
    • With our propaganda, we just need one depressed, angry or slightly crazy person to steal a truck or buy some of the legal guns that are readily available in the USA. We get credit, they get killed, and more people are terrorized by us. WIN!
  2. Make sure that Americans teach that Islam, in all forms, is a religion of hate and violence.
    • Our cause of terror is not helped by Christians and Americans gaining an f238eb-20161024-antiislam01awareness that the real followers of Islam and the Prophet Mohamed are people of peace, we must help them twist our scriptures and only listen to the most extreme Imams.
  3. Support anything that makes the USA, (and Christians in particular) appear to be full of fear, hate or negativity to Muslims in general.
    • As Terrorists we must convince all Muslims that the West, Christians, and the USA are our enemies, that they hate us and want to destroy us, once they believe that we can recruit more isolated Muslim youth to our cause.
  4. Support efforts to restrict refugees who are fleeing Syria, Iraq and other places where terrorist groups have significant control.
    • We terrorists believe that there are many cowards who call themselves “Muslim” who would rather flee their home than join our cause. Not allowing them to resettle in other countries helps us terrorists.
  5. Refuse to be loving and forgiving.
    • One thing terrorists are afraid of love; if you hate us and kill us our poison spreads, but love chokes us out from the root. As the American Prophet Martin Luther King said, “…only love can transform your enemy into your friend.”  Love can kill our movement, but fear and hate allow us to grow stronger.



In case you didn’t know, my above post is satire, and sarcasm.  Truth is the best way to defeat IS and other terrorist groups is to do the opposite of the above.  Refuse to be hateful, recognize the more hate we promote the more home-grown terrorists we create. 

Get to know real Muslims in America, not the cartoonish image promoted in much social media and by some political extremists, and we can learn to live in the Beloved Community