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The Folly of Building Walls

When I was in middle school there were bullies who understood that the best way to 4kidsconsolidate their power was to designate a person or group of people to scorn or fear. In so doing other students would follow their lead in deriding whomever, or whatever, the bully decided deserved disrespect. We now have a President who believes the best way to lead is to create enemies to fear.  By creating a common fear, he can lead us in a common fight. The desire to build a wall is the result of this dangerous fallacy.

Building a wall at the border with Mexico, is one of these ridiculous schemes meant to unite a fearful people with a promise that is unfulfillable.  It is a scheme that is untenable, it will not achieve its desired purpose, the costs are prohibitive, and on another level, it is morally reprehensible.

It won’t work:

Trying to stop immigration with a wall over 2,000 miles is more ignorant than trying to bestia-beast-train-illegal-alien-children-600-2stop alcohol consumption with legal prohibition.  People will find a way to fulfill their deepest needs, and the needs that drive people to migrate are much more urgent than a need for a drink. Contrary to popular opinion migrants from Mexico and Central America are NOT coming to the USA for the “American Dream.” People are coming for basic survival. They are seeking basic economic security to buy medicine, food and security for their families. They are fleeing drug wars and gang violence. People are fleeing for their life, and will pay the cost and find a way to get out.  It has been said frequently, “if you build a 10 foot wall, you just create a market for 14 foot ladders.”  The border with Mexico currently has thousands of tunnels. A wall will not solve the problem, but only create more crime, more tunnels, and more human trafficking. You cannot legislate away the desire to help your family.

It costs too much:

Much of the border in the areas easily accessible already have fences and walls.  As a result result the majority of undocumented crossings happening in remote, and inhospitable terrain.  Building a wall in these areas will require massive development of new roads and infrastructure. It will require huge land-grabs via eminent domain, which the ranchers and farmers of these state will not take lying down. It will cost billions of dollars to accomplish little or nothing.  If conservatives are truly concerned about the national debt and budget expenditures, there are ways the US could make money from a safe, expedient, and controlled immigration policy. Instead we throw good money after bad to try to solve a problem without addressing the root issues. This administration appears to not want to make friends and wise deals, when instead they can create common enemies and schemes to prop us their power.

It is Immoral:

I know Fox and Friends like to use the analogy of “putting a lock on your door to keep out a burglar.” However immigrants are not burglars, they are people in need. A better analogy is refusing to hear the cries of a neighbor, pounding on your door while being mugged.

For those of you who know ancient scriptures, the biblical teaching has always been that the “earth is the Lords” and since the beginning of time God called people to move from place to place as they needed. Abraham moved to follow the Lord’s call, Jacob, the nation of Israel, even the baby Jesus and his family and the early church. Nations have only recently believed that they had control of their citizenry.

In the USA, we have long seen border walls and fences, (East Germany, USSR, China, North 28-berlin-4Korea) as despicable things that prevent people from free movement to fulfill their life. Yet today we are about to join the family of despicable nations who believe our power structure is more important than the rights of individual persons.

We must go back to the reasons people are fleeing. The drug war in Mexico, is being fought to feed our nations appetite for drugs. The gangs of Central America were spawned in the prisons of the USA. We have a moral obligation to help refugees fleeing the results of our nations policies. There is much more I could write about how years of the USA’s neo-colonization policies; Banana Republics, Coffee Plantations, and propping up dictators are at the root of the poverty impacting these beautiful and resource rich countries.

As my momma would tell me, “if you break it – you are responsible to fix it or buy it.”  We cannot act like the bull in the china shop of the Americas, and then just walk away from all the shattered glass.

I am appalled at how many have accepted the lies of this President. The wall is a terrible idea, it won’t work, and Americans with both good sense and a moral compass must oppose it.