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The Power of a Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Day Tribute to My Mom:

Mary Ellen Marquand Jensen

It was just a Memorial Day walk through a rural cemetery in North East Iowa.  But before weAntioch Cemetery: Rural Clarksville Iowa left the graves of war veterans, our ancestors and early pioneers, a vivid image was ingrained  into my child-sized mind of how much my mom loved me, and to what ends she would go to protect me.   We were placing flowers on graves when the black-bird attacked.

I’m now aware that it was a momma bird protecting her young from an ignorant human (me) who had wondered too close to their home.  But at that time I was sure that it was possibly a curse of the dead on any child who dared to disturb their rest.  As the bird dive-bombed my head I dove for cover on the ground, only to question the wisdom of getting closer to those entombed below.  I covered my head and screamed for help.  I was sure the bird would pluck out my eyes before I could get to safety.  That is if the ground didn’t open up and consume me first.

Then I realized I was not alone.  My mom came rushing in, clutching her purse in one hand; which she was swinging in the air as a weapon to ward of aerial attacks,   Her other hand guarded her own head,  I later learned he was worried the bird might snatch off her wig, and subject her to great shame in front of all the neighbors gathered around.

She managed to grab me off the grass and out of the territory of the momma-black-bird. I don’t recall how old I  was or who else was there, but I’ve never forgotten that my mom would go to great lengths to keep me safe, even if it mean to endanger herself.

mom and dad dancing
Mary Ellen and Mathias Peter Jensen (My Parents) dancing at my son Tyler’s wedding

You’ve always been there mom. Whatever the problem or situation; a crazy bird, a crazy girlfriend, the trying times and the celebrations of life, I knew you would be close at hand.

Mom – I love you and THANK-YOU that you have always been there and willing to put you own head on the line to protect mine!

Happy Mother’s Day!