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Spiritual Strongholds? Might not be where you think!

Ok – so yes I do believe the spiritual world – strongholds and all …… it’s just that is see them from a different lens than many.

What got me going the other day was some “good” people talking about the “spiritual strongholds” in North Minneapolis. Everyone knows all the problems: poverty, violence, lack of educational achievement, and on and on. People have tried to fix “it” with money and programs – and still the problems remain.

Only explanation then offered by the religious… there must be a demonic stronghold in North Minneapolis….. I mean we don’t see these issues in Golden Valley or Edina.

So maybe if Christians will march around – pray – and find the “strongholds” we can see change in this city???

Ok, like I said, I do believe there are strongholds in North Minneapolis – but I would argue that many of the “problems” in North Minneapolis are because of spiritual strongholds and evil in places like Edina and Maple Grove.

What are you trying to say, Marque?? Are you trying to blame innocent people in Bridlewood for dead teens in North Minneapolis?

Not really – but consider this – North Minneapolis began primarily as a community for those “segregated” excluded from the rest of the city: Jews & Blacks

That “Stronghold” of superiority and judgmentalism (racism) – along with distrust and even hatred – began with the “power” holders of Minneapolis – this stronghold sowed seeds of inferiority and resentment among the under-resourced and the marginalized.

The fruit of years of institutional racism, the intentional disconnection and isolation of an entire community, are the sour grapes we still taste today.

Yes people have choice and personal responsibility – but what about the gospel mandate From Galatians 6:2 – “Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.”?

Maybe the healing in North Minneapolis needs to begin with repentance and re-connection from the places of power and wealth.

What would happen if the soccer mom, private golf club dad, and the suburban teen (with more disposable income than 95% of the world ($60/wk) realized PART of the spiritual stronghold that chokes the hope and life out of places like North Minneapolis is the disconnection and apathy that allows them to live as they please with no concern for neighbors less than 30 miles away?

What would happen if we believed we really were neighbors?