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Sunset tonight over North Minneapolis.  Tomorrow I will be somewhere in South Dakota.

My departure today was delayed because of the coming snow and other issues, but in exchange I am now able to ride to the Crow Creek reservation, via the Lower Sioux Agency with a load of feed for the horses with another rider coming from Wisconsin.

I go to join the Dakota 38 + 2 memorial ride with a sense of excitement and destiny.  I have no idea exactly what to expect, but I know it is where I need to be at this time.  If there is to be healing from the wounds and sins of the past, there must be presence and dialogue from all sides.

Inspired by my friend, Mark Charles, from New Mexico I hope to post a daily pix.  He does sunrises with a word of praise to the Creator.  I’m going to try to do sunsets, with a word of thanks and recap of the events of the day.

The journey to Beloved Community will take us where we have never been, to meet people we have never known, so that we can become what we never would have been on our own.  Thanks for joining me and the other riders on this journey of remembrance and reconciliation.