More About Marque.

Marque Mathias Jensen.

I would have to say the last 25 years have transformed my life in a way that most folks my age don’t have the chance of knowing.

Growing up on the prairie of north east Iowa was a great foundation – open space – hard work – family – respect – prepared me in a strange way to be an urban boy.

You know the saying – “you can take the boy out of the farm – but you can never take the farm out of the boy…” People sometime think I proved the exception to that rule.  Maybe so, but in another way it still is true,  I just find and resonate with the rural essence that is part of the urban landscape.

Urban and rural folks always seem to me to be way more similar than the strange breed of “sub-urban”  There are rules of engagement and respect that are true in the ‘hood and on the farm, this was my starting point when I first came to North Minneapolis over 25 years ago.

With this perspective, instilled in me by hundreds of relationships, I write, teach, and live.  I would love to share with you these experiences, the insight others have allowed me to see, as I believe they hold the keys to BECOMING BELOVED COMMUNITY.

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6 thoughts on “More About Marque.”

  1. hmmm…I think this can be absolutely true. Suburbia is usually the privelege that comes with disconnect in human relations because humans often times are viewed or treated as objects instead of humans.

  2. Today has been a good DAWG (Day Alone With God) – It’s kind of a gift we get working for Sanctuary and the CDC – to get away – unplug and listen to God.

    I’ve used these in various waysm last november I spent my “DAWG” living on the street in Minneapolis – that majorly impacted my life and I saw GOD at every corner, in the food lines, and in the shelter (but this is a whole ‘nuther story)

    Today I left my computer behind – biked to a regional park along the river – Asked God to give me rest and speak to me….
    I Waded out to a remote sand bar, read from the bible and then Donald Miller – waded deep in the river in my boxers – threw stones in the river while my boxers dried – read more bible and miller – sat and looked – thought AND was recharged –

    Back on bike – to a bar for rehydration and tacos – down the East side of the river to a library and enjoying the silence in my head – no phone – no deadlines – and yet very present to a GREAT GOD who loves me – and is at work in the world around me..

  3. hey marque. . .sitting late on christmas day thinking about you and your lovely family. missing you all. i have never believed in a god who ‘comes down’ to meet our poor souls more than when i found myself crying and praying with you and janeen on dark highway somewhere next to nowhere. . . your friendship, although haphazard and distant, is worth so much to this mildy-evangelical missionary boy

    god’s closeness this christmas my friend. . .for you and janeen

  4. Marque,

    This is so on point. I have tried to explain to people that difference between the burbs and the hood, you articulated it very well.

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