The Pain of Waiting; Hamburgers or Life Opportunities

We American hate to wait.

Our unique propensity to circumvent coerced delayed gratification is responsible for fast food, rapid check-ins Waiting in Lineand check-outs, express lanes, in-home DVRs and on-line MBAs.  We want what when want, when we want it, with a minimal of wait time.   We can’t even wait for Thanksgiving dinner to cool before we need to shop for the things we just must have.

However while most of us have made “avoid-the-wait” a science in logistics and customer service, over 11 million of our neighbors have been subjected to year after year of waiting.  They are not waiting for customer service, they are waiting for basic human rights; presently denied by our present immigration system.

 Immigrants wait while congress dithers.

Congress plays with the lives of children, men and women as a bully uses toys to win friends and punish enemies.  In case you are looking for reminders of the human and economic cost of their selfish games visit these links:

      1. The realities of family separation and waiting.

      2. Civil Rights, MLK and Immigrant RIghts

      3. A Glimpse into the Unique Struggles of Undocumented Persons  Part 1 and Part 2

The Senate has passed a reasonable bill that will help millions of those caught in political limbo.  The President has kept his word by increasing border security and the deportation of dangerous criminals.  It is the House of Representatives that is dragging its feet, indifferent to the cries of families who are being devastated by this broken immigration system.

 The immigrant community and their allies will increase the pressure over the next month…

…in hopes that the American People will see their plight and demand that their representatives act appropriately.  In Washington there are hunger strikes, daily meetings and actions with lawmakers.  But be prepared, more actions are to come to the heartland.  As a citizen, who is a close friend and ally with immigrants, I know both sides of this equation. On the one side I know how long and painful the wait has been for immigrants, on the other side I am very aware how little good-intentioned citizens will do unless they personally see and feel the pain of the issue.

traffic-jamOne thing I know is Americans HATE to wait, but perhaps a little waiting could teach us some BIG lessons.

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