A Sabbatical of Sorts; in a Blue-Collar Way

I’ve taken a break.  I call it a “B-C-batical”.  Some pastors and educators are given a Imagesabbatical; a break or a rest, a time for extended Sabbath, a time to reflect and recharge.  On my B-C-batical, I’m getting a break from the stress of professionalism by living the blue-collar life.  I have to say it’s been good, and it shows no signs of ceasing soon.  My bills are paid, I sleep well every night, I’ve lost 10 pounds without going to the gym and I keep my inbox empty most every day.

I’ve also, up thru June, taken a break from blogging, but I have not ceased from thinking and so this is where I’m announcing I’m getting back in the game.   I’ve got a few observations I’d like to make, questions I would like to ask, and challenges I would like to throw down.  But first I want to catch you up to where I’ve been the last few months of my B-C-batical

Primarily, I’ve been working.  My blue-collar  life  grew indirectly  from my professional career.  I’m now the co-owner of a small construction company:  Minne-Mex Construction LLC.  We do general construction, painting, remodeling and more.  My career as the minority-owner of a small business  is proof that that what you do to others will come back to you; I thought I was helping out a friend in getting a business going and now he is helping me keeping my bills paid.  However, this has been about more than survival.  Waking-up daily to work with my hands, doing something where I can immediately see the results, is reminding and teaching me valuable lessons about life, purpose and relationships.

I also have been thinking a lot about how much we (humans, in particular Americans) do that really is quite pointless.  I’ve been in the center of such vain activity and so I say this looking into a mirror, humbly reflecting on the games we play in our quest for meaning.  If we are fashioned in the image of the creator, then at the core would that not mean we are called to be loving and creative?   God is Love; and being loving requires us to live in relationships.   God is Creator;  and creativity is the fruit of loving relationships since there is really nothing I can create alone.

So please join me, help out with your thoughts, become my colleagues  on my B-C-batical; where hard physical work, healthy community, and creative thoughts nourish each other.

Break at Stradford Flats
Break at Stradford Flats

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