Sunset Over Crow Creek

imageWe made it on to the Crow Creek Reservation  right as the riders were making their way from the Lower Brule reservation across the Missouri River.  Big Bend Dam generates electricity for much of South Dakota and the region, it has created a  lovely lake but came at a huge cost in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  When the Army Corp of came in to flood the river.   The tribes on both sides (Lower Brule and Crow Creek)  were again forced to relocate, this time from the fertile banks of the river, to the more desolate, unprotected bluffs.  For more complete information of this abusive land-grab (in the 1960) follow this link. 

Horses, Feasting as they prepare for the Dakota 38+2 memorial ride

Once we got to Fort Thompson,  we connected with Peter.  Then we met other riders over dinner in the community center and while feeding and watering the horses.  In a few moments we will join the team in the hotel lobby and go to the sweat lodge.

I have a million thoughts now as I write, am thankful to be here, and I am in anticipation for what our creator is doing in this time and place.

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