How to get involved in your Neighborhood Pricinct Caucus…

Tomorrow night is the night where politics begin in MN; your precinct caucus.  You probably know a political issue I care about is immigration and reform of the current system that is so broken, no one denies it, yet no one is willing to fix it.

It surprised me to find out the Democratic party has NO platform position on immigration, while the Republican platform is explicit, it is also heartless.

So go out there and let people know there is a sensible way to reform immigration and protect America, the two are not mutually exclusive principles.

Use this link to find out where your local caucus will be held.

Here is a sample resolution you could propose:

A Resolution for Immigration Reform  –  We recognize the positive contribution of immigrants to our society and their basic human rights.  We also recognize that current immigration policy is broken and needs immediate reform.

We Support:

  • Reasonable regulation of immigration and border enforcement for national defense and security
  • The immediate passage of the “Dream Act” to allow youth to move from the shadows of society into the mainstream of education and opportunity
  • The passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform that creates a simplified national policy, fines for offenders, and a pathway to citizenship for all qualified who come forward

We Oppose

  • Local and State Law Enforcement that is linked to Immigration Enforcement; such cross enforcement makes for more “INSECURE COMMUNITIES” as people feel insecure in calling police or reporting a crime, and thus criminals will exploit and manipulate these people.
  • Deportations based on misdemeanors and traffic stops
  • All deportations and detentions that separate families

If you go to you caucus, let us know how is went; did you propose a resolution?  How was it received?

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