Count-Down to Thanksgiving #5 – Heat In cold Places

Wow, I almost forgot to post this.   #5 Thanks for HEAT!

HEAT!  I am SO thanksful for it!!   It was SO clear this morning as we put up the tent and hauled out the turkey dinners from the Cub Store to the parking lot where they would be given to people with vouchers from various Northside Organizations.  When the cold hits like today, we realize how fortunate we are to have places of warmth to live.

Occasionally, I think about this story told by my family:

When my great grandfather migrated to Nebraska from Denmark he lived in a ‘Dug-out” a home that was basically a cave dug into the hillside.  The first winter he lived  there was one of the worst winters on record.  1881, was the year Laura Ingall wilder wrote of in “The Long Winter.”  While Laura and her family were in South Dakota, my great-grandpa was about 200 miles south in Nebraska.  My families oral history tells  that it wass so cold he brought his horse into the small dug-out home to keep them both from freezing to death.

Today I am thankful for a relatively draft-free home and automatic heat!!

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