Count-Down to Thanksgiving #6 – Neighbors who Know Me

This morning as I look out my window I’m thankful for the people who live around me.  We are blessed to be in a physical community that knows and supports each other.

We live between two Toms.  The one I’ve know since the 1980’s at Minnesota Bible College (somewhere else I am thankful for) where he and his wife attended with Janeen and I.  Over the years we’ve helped watch each others kids and so much more. The other Tom is newer to the neighborhood but has also been there to help with house repairs and just present for friendly conversation.

But it’s not just next door, we know all the people of the block.  Our kids played together, we have block parties, Janeen is part of a woman’s book club, we socialize at evening bonfires and greet each other when we pass on the sidewalk.   Not, to brag but it doesn’t end on the block. Our community of friends and neighbors extends across the Northside to the many people we know and the friendly neighbors we cross paths with daily.

The Northside often gets a bum rap from outsiders.  Often we are given the image of a dangerous and hostile place.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Granted, we have issues with crime and poverty, but we are also a very friendly community and that friendship extends beyond race and class.

I laugh when I read about community planners who want to bring back sidewalks and front porches while eliminating attached garages in order to encourage “neighborliness.”    We already have it. I am so thankful for the community I call home, and the people who we share life with on the Northside.

3 thoughts on “Count-Down to Thanksgiving #6 – Neighbors who Know Me”

  1. Hey–don’t laugh at the planners. If they don’t bring back the porches–poor folks won’t have any–because those are the parts of town where they will be relegated. (although I do get your point)

  2. so true – so needed…. I was meaning to say I laugh when they act like its such a lost or new thing – because we have it

  3. I am glad you have such a good relationship with your neighbors. That is something that is not seen often these days.

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