Health Care: Un-Masking the Big Lie

Those opposed to health care reform have two basic argument to do nothing (or very little) in changing the status quo.

1.  America has the BEST  Health Care system in the world.  We Don't need THAT we got the BEST!

The argument is that because of our capitalistic system have created the best medicine and the best delivery systems.

2. Changing Health Care systems will COST us more money.

This argument is meant to generate fear.  If we “socialize” or significantly reform our health care they claim it will cost more, and also give us less.

A few Sundays back the Minneapolis Star Tribune published a story  “America’s Health Care Conundrum”   This story challenged the arguments of those opposed to health care reform.

Go ahead and look at the chart on the link above!  The most amazing fact to me is that the USA out-spends (by more than $2500 per person to the next most expensive country) and yet our life expectancy is is lower than Korea and just ahead of the Czech Republic.  The second most amazing fact n the chart is that in the USA the average person sees a doctor 3 or fewer times a year.  (we are tied with Mexico) The number of doctor visits in most “developed” countries averages between 4-7 visits a year.

Is the USA part of the "Developed" world?

We do more MRI’s than all countries except Japan, have the most obese adult population, and have the highest expenses on drugs.

Our infant mortality rate of 6.7 is higher than our peer nations and remember, our life expectancy is only 3 – 5 years more than Turkey, Mexico and Poland.

It is an illusion, a lie, that we have the best health care for the best value.

I don’t know everything in the new health care bill.  I know it is not perfect.

But I do know that as long as politicians are more concerned that the richest Americans might not be able to choose their favorite doctor, or their preferred procedure on the day they choose – while they ignore the fact that the vast majority of American canNOT chose ANY doctor on ANY day (because they can’t afford it) – we will be enslaved to a system that costs MORE and delivers LESS. (unless you are an investor with the present health-care system… 🙂 )

The present system is not just ineffective – from first hand experience I’ve observed that it is also immoral.

BTW – I’d love to help Rush Limbaugh learn Spanish when he moves to Costa Rica…. (I think he chose CR since they already have Universal Health Care, and relaxed drug laws)  lol   🙂    ¿como se dice loco?


The information in this report is primary from the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development. Their web site states:

Our mission:  OECD brings together the governments of countries committed to democracy and the market economy from around the world to – Support sustainable economic growth,  Boost employment,  Raise living standards, Maintain financial stability, Assist other countries’ economic development, and Contribute to growth in world trade.

They continue,  “For more than 40 years, OECD has been one of the world’s largest and most reliable sources of comparable statistics and economic and social data. As well as collecting data, OECD monitors trends, analyses and forecasts economic developments and researches social changes or evolving patterns in trade, environment, agriculture,technology, taxation and more.

6 thoughts on “Health Care: Un-Masking the Big Lie”

  1. well, once again I am glad to read what you are researching for me:) I do say he is crazy (Rush). I am sick of hearing about how great our healthcare system is while I have not yet had an ultrasound in my 16 weeks of pregnancy and my sis in law in Turkey has already had 2 in 13 weeks. I am also tired of paying for services which I don’t use, but can’t live without paying for them in case I need them…

    I can’t wait to read more on the links you have posted and pass this post on to my gramma and her twin who will both be so impressed:) My gramma said she knew she liked you for some reason!!!

  2. This is so great! As the Kiwis (and the Aussies) say, “Good on you!” Yes, Ashley, I am very impressed – also with your new need for ultrasound – your Gramma told me last we talked. I love this site, Marque!

  3. It must be comfortable to hide behind non-commital satements like not being sure if you support the current health-care legislation then offering arguments supporting it. The facts from the ST you use as well as the story they came from is smoke and mirrors. The fact is people from all over the world come here for treatment. The fact is that we the US, devloped the treatments, drugs and diagnostic tests the rest of the world uses. People are obese because they eat too much, not because if lack of health care. Fattness is 100% preventable, stop using food stamps for Twinkies. You get what you PAY for. If those among us don’t feel the need to pay for anything, nothing is what they should get. Oh but what about the children? Simple, fine those who brought them into this world and don’t feel the need to care for them properly. Exclude those in crisis situations. There are some in any society that need care untill they can get back on thier feet. There also those who will need care indefinatly, those who are disabled and truly unable to do any work. When the subject of limiting benifits is raised these are not the ones raising objection. The loudest cries come from those who stand to lose their place at the trough. If we eliminated those who do not deserve help on the basis of thier own faliure, folly or laziness, how much better could we care for those who need, not abuse societies generosity.
    Eliminate the thieves who take from the disabled and the childern. You might have to explain this a few times to them that need a shot of pride in caring for themselves and their kids.
    Lest any who read this think all this sounds heartless and cruel, I have a family member who is disabled and will never have to rely on the government for anything, not because we are rich, but because we love her and we will care for her. I also have family who uses welfare to care for themselves by choice. They have no pride, or concern over stealing from us when they could work and earn a living. There have been times when the kids needed to go to the doctor for various reasons. My family have given them money and other help in the past, but that us over. They will get no more support from us untill they realize the need to do something for themselves. They are the reason we pay so much for care here. And it is this entitled mindset that threatens the entire economy. Instead of decrying the insurance companies and the health care industry who by the way provide the care, cut off the users and deadbeats who only take, cost and add nothing.

  4. Sorry, here’s an idea why don’t we use the IRS to police those who abuse the system. Maybe there should be a community service award for turning those who abuse the system. Why don’t you do a study on how much that would save, and how many children could be covered with the savings?

  5. SO, this would go with other posts… but when I heard this song it totally made me think of one or several of the poems you have written…see if you can find it on the internet…

    Title; Ignorance& Priviledge
    Artist: John Gorka

    Let me know what you think…email me or somethin…

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