Top 10 Reasons I Usually Don’t “Dress Up”

People who know me accept how I dress. But occasionally I get some flack about why I don’t “dress-up” more.  So this is my list:  some light – some heavier.  Some personal  and some philosophical. 


10.   My momma taught me to never tie things around my neck.  It’s dangerous and I still don’t like the feeling.

9.  I only wear coats if I’m cold, and I’m almost always hot.

8.   You never know when you may need to fix something, play catch, or wrestle.  Dress accordingly.

7.  Why do I want to dress in away that associates me with money and power?   … and who decides what is our formal uniforms and what is casual wear.

6.   My shirt buttons look fine, and do not need to be covered up with a $20 piece of cloth rope.

Photo 90

5.    Our dress expresses something about the people we want to accept us, I’m usually not too worried about what the “habitually–dressed-up” think – and when I have to kiss-up I got a suit for that. 

4.  The way I dress opens many doors for me in my community that “traditional dress-up” would close.

3. If people are so judgmental about how others dress – does it not make you wonder about what else they are prejudiced?

2.  Dressing up rarely makes me feel “special” and usually just fake.

1.   My style assures I can’t forget my friends and community, where I come from and where I’m called to go.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons I Usually Don’t “Dress Up””

  1. Marque,
    This is all on point. The system of the MPLS school district has a sense of suggestive dress code. That is asking me to be an example for other African-American males to dress more accordingly and not sag their pants if I would dress more professional looking.
    I want to start sagging and wearing sweats like the rest of the fellas.
    What a great piece!
    Holla Razz

  2. all cultures, including hip hop culture have expected dress codes. Dress still communicates who is in and who is out of a particular cultural home.

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