Twenty Five Years… (friends and marriage)

Twenty and five years ago tonight….. Where were you?

I was at Dell Lutheran Church, near Frost MN, for my wedding rehearsal.  Family and friends gathered to plan out the next day; where we would stand and walk, who would say what, and who would sing when.  After our planning we all headed to the busy city center of FROST MN,  where we ate supper at TJ’s (the restaurant and bar).  

That night I barely slept, the thought that the next night I would be with my wife seemed unreal.  25 years later I am still amazed that I get to lie down at the end of each day, no matter how good or how bad, with my best friend!  We were able to plan a wedding, but we had no idea what our marriage and the years ahead would bring.  

Our wedding happened much as we planned, we walked out to the theme song from “Rocky”  I thought I was the champion.  But life happens,  rather than following the script, our  life together has basically unfolded for us to step into.  I am convinced that one reason we’ve made 25 years “strong” is that Janeen and I both realize while we cannot control most of the situations that may come to us, we have each other.  We have learned to live what  my grandmother liked to say,  “ may not be able to control the altitude of your life, but you can control the attitude of your mind.”


Over the past 25 years we’ve become parents, homeowners,                                 and even urbanized.  

We’ve celebrated life, grieved death, been blessed with many friends, and  disappointed by a few fakes.  

We have seen some of the best life has to offer and we have witnessed power of evil to kill and destroy.  

I try to remind myself each day, regardless of the craziness of life, I am blessed to go to bed each night, and wake-up each morning, with my best friend, my lover, my wife – the mother of our children, and a great source of encouragement, support and wisdom! 

Twenty-five years, is just the beginning….

4 thoughts on “Twenty Five Years… (friends and marriage)”

  1. Happy 25th!! It is hard to believe that my little brother is celebrating his 25th!! Isn’t that for “old people”?!! We have both been blessed to have the opportunity to have a wonderful best friend to spend our lives with!! Soon Dave & I will celebrated 31!!
    Hope you & Janeen have a wonderful day!!

  2. We were there too that night. So thrilled our son had found his special friend & wife. Today, we are more than ever positive he made a terrific choice for the gal to spend his life with-someone to be beside him in all times. God is good!

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