Time to post again…..

After almost 3 months without a bloggin’ word – I got a few things to say…..

In mid-april my work world went through some real changes – my colleague Neeraj went to a new job, I got a new boss, and my job description became quite fluid.

It was partly the economic times, party a million other factors, and yet through it all – God was (and is faithful).

Things at the CDC are going VERY well.
My co-workers are all amazing!
We got some great interns (Spencer and Michelle).
The 90 days of blessings and Love Minneapolis are are complementing each other quite nicely.
The next City Matters class is about to roll out.
I am thankful for all the hard work my new boss and pastor are doing.
We had a great week in the wilderness with 6 norf’side boys (the girls are there now)
I’m feeling like I can breath easy – and some of the crunch time has past.

More than the work side… the family is all healthy and doing well –

and so I want to try to write a few thoughts over the next month or so…..

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