Fear, Isolization & Balkanization

As we are pulled into the vortex of an election cycle we are constantly bombarded by the scaremongers who want to you to know…. “A vote for the wrong person will lead to the end of the world as we know it.” In fact, people who believe differently (people who vote for those “OTHER” scumbags) are anti-American, ant-Christs, who poison lake water with anti-freeze!

What are we to do? (1) Do NOT talk seriously to anyone about politics. (2) Surround yourself with people who believe only as you do. You know, if they would VOTE differently than you, they ARE the ENEMY. (3) If you do talk, use slash and burn tactics. Discredit and scorn will work well to keep anyone from wanting to have a cognitive discussion with you.

As you retreat into social isolation, REJOICE! You will never have to talk, listen, or take seriously anyone who views the world differently. The creation of hostile states and the realization of the fears that were mongered will soon follow.

Imagine…. a world where you can live in isolation from people different than you…never have to think seriously about new issues… and always believe the danger from without is greater than the danger from within!

BUT Imagine…. what if we really listened to learn – and talked to communicate?

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