Dreams – Reality – Memory…..

A) This week Jared and Tyler both begin classes – Jared at ITT – Tyler in his first college classes ever (Augsburg and St. Kates). Jared is living with friends in SLP and Tyler is experiencing dorm life. Morgan is in 8th grade and busy with volleyball and classwork.

B) Last night we drove past the neighborhood park to see one of my favorite scenes from the north side – A park full of kids in pads, parent on the sidelines, and coaches, loud and proud) on a cool late summer evening.

C) Just a “few short years ago” I remember driving past that same park, seeing the same scene, and hoping my kids and I would someday be part of the mix. We were – all three of the kids played football – Janeen and I were parents on the sidelines – and I’ve even been in the coaching position.

D) Now it’s one more thing that has gone from a hope and dream – to a reality and a memory. I thank GOD for the sweet realities and the memories they birthed. I am also challenged to live each day fully, because time marches on!

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