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It seems to me that most people who have strong feelings against UNDOCUMENTED workers – have never met one.

They likely do not know a family struggling in Mexico, needing the money wired each month so that they can survive  –  Or do not know a family believing GOD allowed them to get here, often they are a family full of love and “conservative family values”-

They most likely do not know the young man who has gone into gangs and drug dealing, because they find no other way.   Their familes brought them here when they were young – but now they cannot work – go to college and have no future because we refuse to embrace these people – and call this exclusion from society –  “JUST”!

People wonder why latino immigrants frequently don’t learn ENGLISH – WOULD you learn a language if at any moment you might have to leave?

If we provide a pathway to citizenship (including fines for “Illegal” entry) we could end 90% of this mess tomorrow.

God was clear in his commands to Israel – welcome the alien – because I am GOD!

Lev. 19: 33 – 34  ” ‘When an alien lives with you in your land, do not mistreat him.   The alien living with you must be treated as one of your native-born. Love him as yourself, for you were aliens in Egypt. I am the LORD your God.

2 thoughts on “Stand with Immigrants”

  1. Siento enojado – cuando pienso de los malvados
    Los ricos sin corazones – con caras falzas
    que sienten nada buena por mi gente de la raza

    ellos hablan mucho de los cosas no intienden
    y no quieren por las familias ellos estan ofenden

    sin amor y compasion ellos hablan de “iligales”
    ellos creen el ley del mundo es el final de los reglas

    hay un ley y un un Señor – mas alla de un pais
    de familia, amor, y paz – agua y maiz

    poquel mundo es de el Señor – no hay gente ilegales
    yo dijo, las fronteres existen solo para defender sus ganas

    si intiendo soy un hijo del poderoso padre
    tambien – intiendo ellos son de mi sangre, solo de una otra madre

    Claro que si, algunos gente hacen hechos mal
    Y por esso necisitamos la policia – como luz y sal

    Pero el masiado de la gente sin papeles – no estan criminales
    No son herores
    Trabajando por sus famililies – en reverencia y humilidad –
    Buscando por la volundad de Dios – cuando los ricos viven en osuridad

    Voy gritar – como la voz de antiquidad
    Por la gente – justicia – amor y libertad!

  2. Marque,

    Thanks for quoting scripture at the end of this blog. For those of us who call ourselves “Bible Believing Christians” this issue must be informed by the Bible. I find it strange that there are some who say they believe in the whole Bible and yet they have no idea what scripture say about the alien and how Israel was to make space and welcome the alien. And that is not just in one verse but it is throughout the whole Old Testament. I long for the day when we Christians take our Bible serious enough to really read it and understand what it says.

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